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"Just wanted to let you know how very amazing I think your book is. You really touched on a lot of issues and have a really friendly but to the point way of writing. I was blown away and I thank you for writing it."

Joan King Coffey, Mother of Grown Children

Calgary, Canada


The Girl I Used To Know - 10 Week Self Study

9/1/2013 - 11/11/2013

Women try to do it all - we juggle family obligations, children's schedules, a job or career and even the pursuit of our personal goals and dreams. However, life gets in the way of truly fitting it all in. The number one activity that drops off a woman's to do list is her own personal priority. We end up getting so tide up in nurture overload - taking care of children, a husband, ailing parents, needy friends and siblings, many of us become the sacrificial lamb. Our goals and dreams are placed on the backburner. We spend all day doing the day to day routine and pursuing everyone else's ambitions and we forget who or what we are and where we, as individuals, want to be in the future.

Years go by and we lose our individual identities to the roles we play. Being a mother, wife, sister and daughter is something that comes natural to us and it consumes us. So much so that we end up not knowing who we really are. We itch for something more but our life is so crazy it seems an impossibility to try to fit one more thing into our busy lifestyle. The only thing that we seem to keep fitting in is another twenty pounds, additional debt and the growing feeling that something is missing in our lives.

So how do we kick start our lives and get back to that inspired person we were before kids and life took over? What skills are you missing to get you back on track to getting your individual life back?

Behold a great 10 week program to kick start your life. "Finding the Girl I Used to Know" is jam packed with great ideas for developing your old self back and is built on the premise that we were all born with inspiration. Somewhere along the way, either through a less than perfect childhood or our crazy, busy lifestyles, we lose ourselves and the person we once were. Marla will help you reconnect with your old self and help you see your individual goals and dreams come to fruition.

Work at your own pace and complete the program in 10 months or 10 weeks. Ten Units provide you with the tools you need to refocus, gain clarity and quicken the inspirational momentum on the life goals you've all but forgotten to pursue.

Features: Personal feedback and individual customization on each week's completed homework. Includes one hour, live session with Marla Majewski (in person or over the phone/Skype)

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